Mary - Tilfredshed 34mm


We wanted to create something that would give you the feeling of contentment. The contentment of always feeling dressed. No matter where you wake up and no matter what clothes you wear when you’re entering your next stop.

We wanted to design a classic watch that you can feel on your wrist . We wanted you to be constantly aware of the watch you are wearing. The crowd should notice the watch you are wearing. We didn’t want to create something that would be hidden, or something you would forget you are wearing.

When you have a Carlheim timepiece on your wrist, you can feel its weight, the crowd will notice its depth, the ‘high-wall’ perfectly placed – forming the dial, your intimate ones will notice the thought behind every detail. They will notice that you are ‘dressed in time’.


When we created the design, we wanted it to be obvious that the Carlheim watch is not the regular classic Scandinavian shy watch.

We want you to get the feeling of being dressed for every occasion. No matter what you are wearing or what you are heading towards. One watch, the same feeling; for every place, for every occasion.

We want you to be noticed. We want you to feel dressed in time.